Introducing Emaximm - Most Comprehensive US Immigration Case Management

Powerful, Reliable and Highly Secure Immigration Case Management Tool

Emaximm is one of the most powerful immigration case management tools available in the software market today. Developed and maintained by MVS, Emaximm is designed to aid companies, corporations and US immigration attorneys in effectively and intuitively managing their immigration requirements, their staff and their overall business needs. Its rich features help the clients easily handle the full scale of their immigration requirements with a simple, automated mechanism. It's a customer relationship management tool, a case and status organizer as well as a staff accountability and productivity tool.

Emaximm provides leading organizations the necessary tools to enable their HR departments and attorneys the ability to streamline their immigration efforts and make more effective use of their time and resources.

Why an immigration software?

With the number of immigrants to the United States of America increasing dramatically in the recent years and the immigration laws made even stricter, the need for a perfect online system to control all immigration activities is inevitable. A reliable software solution for the complex immigration practice can reduce the time and resource of the attorneys and business organizations substantially.

Security and accessibility

Emaximm software offers high security to your data. Your data will be hosted in highly secure and reliable servers, hence you are free from headaches such as server breakdowns, firewalls, security, back up and the associated maintenance required using an in-house system. Your data is available 24 hour a day, 7 days a week. You can access your private data from anywhere in the world with a desktop or laptop that has an internet connection. Thus Emaximm saves a substantial amount of time and effort, which you can spend on the key functions of your company.

The Emaximm immigration edition features:

Emaximm software's immigration edition comes with a couple of new extra features:

Snapshot, our extremely powerful case management tool Netshelf, to upload and manage all documents pertaining to a case Staff productivity tools and monitoring through WebDesk and Reports Broadcast mails, contact manager and wireless messaging Effective standard and customizable reporting, featuring the Slicer Client Center, a separated, but powerful feature which allows applicants and petitioners to check case status, manage forms and communicate with their case attorneys or paralegals. Continuously updated immigration forms featuring Syncodation Scheduler, which is instantly updated with your case deadlines and expirations Rich Invoicing package Max Manager, with tools like Grantor, Client Controls, Terminator and Redeemer to manage your cases.

Plus much more!!!