US Immigration Edition Features

Why Use Emaximm

Emaximm is a web based application specifically tailored for controlling and tracking all the activities for your enterprise, division or practice using a single web address. The Emaximm Web Application program allows for the on-line entry, storage, updating and sharing of immigration data. In addition to minimizing the paperwork required by a typical immigration case, the on-line program modernizes the entire immigration process making it faster, more efficient and easier to complete. Designed for use by corporations, immigration attorneys, client companies and applicants, this software allows for an easy and efficient method of applying for immigrant visas, non-immigrant visas, and citizenship to the United States .

Emaximm is the most powerful resource available in the software marketplace today to aid corporations and immigration attorneys in effectively and intuitively managing their clientele, staff and overall business needs. Emaximm's rich features help our clients easily handle the full scale of their business with simple, automated mechanisms. It is a Customer Relationship Management tool, a Case and Status Organizer as well as a staff accountability and productivity tool. It also provides leading organizations the necessary tools to enable their staff the ability to streamline their efforts and make more effective use of their time and resources.


Emaximm US Immigration Edition Work Flow

Emaximm is a practice productivity tool designed for organizations with multiple cases for visas and immigration. Because of its light design and powerful server-side technology, Emaximm is perfect for small to large corporations and immigration practices.

The Client Center built into Emaximm, a web center separate from the Attorney's Practice Workspace, allows clients/applicants the ability to view and edit their own case information and forms, as well as discuss their cases through Emaximm, rather than email. For example, a corporate HR person can now view all their cases in a single location, and drill down on each case for further details, as well as make changes to forms, as required. Emaximm also provides a feature on the forms we call ‘Syncodation'. Enter the required information once, either on the actual form or on the information sheet, and all subsequent forms will be updated (Syncodated) with the required information, thus saving the user valuable time.

Here are some of the additional features Emaximm offers to assist you in managing your cases: SnapShot is a searchable single area to find all information pertaining to any applicant. Connected to each client's Snapshot is its NetShelf, where you can upload and stack a case's pertinent documents. The Slicer allows you to "slice and dice" your data for easy customizable reporting serving your company's various requirements. Expirations & Deadlines link directly to Scheduler, which is fully integrated with each user's version of My WebDesk and Max Manager and now gives you control over your user, client and overall Emaximm experience.

Multiple Languages

Emaximm software is currently translated into the following languages (including the User Manual and the FAQs)

  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Italian
  • Vietnamese
  • Filipino
  • Hindi
  • Telugu
Just pick what language that you want and the entire page is translated to that language.

The Emaximm Immigration Edition features:

  • Snapshot: Snapshot, the extremely powerful case management toolis a searchable single page interface to find all information pertaining to any case and its petitioner and applicant. You can open multiple snapshot windows for different cases.
  • Company Locations: If your business has different branch offices, you can easily add-on other company locations and manage them as independent entity. The immigration cases created under each branch locations are managed independently. You can also set privilege for each user either to have access to the individual office or access to selected company locations.
  • Questionnaire: It is basically the method to get the information from the prospects, applicants and petitioners by email. All details that need to be gathered are built into pre-set questionnaires and can be emailed to the client. Clients simply have to follow the link and fill up the form and click save button.
  • Calendar: This can be used to assign task, events, reminders and appointment to other users of your Emaximm account.
  • Client Center: The Client Center is a separate, password-protected center for Clients to check Case status and share documents and information with attorneys or Immigration Manager.
  • Immigration Forms: Integrated with current versions of all forms from USCIS, DOL, ASYLUM and EOIR. New Bar Code Forms updated.
  • Finance: Allows you to bill and to keep track of the amount a client owes or has paid. Under this module a user can: i) generate invoices, ii) update payments information and iii) keep track of all petitioner invoices.
  • Reports: Under this module you can view the summary of your entire firms’ caseload. The following types of reports can be generated:
    • Case Report
    • Slicer Case Report
    • Notification Report
    • Event Report
    • Task Report
    • Invoice Report
    • Payment Report
    • Recent Activity
  • Digital Documents:This utility helps the attorneys to cross-check and also save the digital copies of all the certificates and store case related documents of each client.The user can upload documents of almost any type of formats like Word, Adobe, scanned picture (ex: jpeg, png ) and Excel.
  • Criminal History: Allows you to record criminal history of an applicant for deportation cases and option to add minute entry link for each criminal case record. New
  • Nonprofit: Separate product editions for nonprofit immigration service agency.
    • Integrated with all relevant case types and service categories.
    • We can review individual needs to add in custom reports and forms, if required on a case-to-case basis.
    • Generate demographic/service reports for receiving and extending annual grants.
    • Demographic reports based on Gender, Age, Country of Origin, Primary Language Spoken, Resident Information, Educational Attainment, Household Income, English Ability, Ethnicity
    • Service/Case Type Reports based on the number of services/case types offered for each categories such as:
      • Legal Assistance
        • Number of Consultation with immigration attorney
        • Number of Referrals to immigration attorney
      • Interpretation and Translation
      • Direct Assistance
        • Emergency financial assistance
        • Job search & referrals
        • Housing assistance & referrals
        • Healthcare assistance & referrals
        • Number of CNAP Services
      • Immigration Assistance
        • Number of I-485 Full Adjustment of Status packet including I-130
        • Number of I-751 Application to Remove Conditional Residency
        • Number of 601 waiver
        • Number of AR11
        • Number of Asylum/refugee
        • Number of Cancellation of removal
        • Number of Consular processing
        • Number of Consultation/Assessment
        • Number of Deportation
        • Number of Fee waiver
        • Number of Follow-up inquiry with Congress
        • Number of Follow-up inquiry with NVC
        • Number of I-129F Fiancé Visa
        • Number of I-130 Petition for Alien Relative
        • Number of I-131 Re-entry Permit / Refugee Travel Document
        • Number of I-485 Adjustment of Status
        • Number of I-539 Extension/Change of Non-immigrant status
        • Number of I-751 Application to Remove Condit. Residency with waiver of joint filing
        • Number of Number of I-765 Employment Authorization/Renewal
        • Number of I-864 Affidavit of Support
        • Number of I-90 App For New Alien Registration Card
        • Number of Immigrant consequences of criminal convictions
        • Number of Number of N-400 Application for Naturalization
        • Number of Number of N-565 Application to Correct or Replace Naturalization Cert
        • Number of N-600 Certificate of Citizenship
        • Number of TPS Application/Renewal

    Special Terms

    • We help you to plan and manage the DATA migration from YOUR CURRENT SYSTEM USED *
    • We also offer Emaximm product customization to meet your needs. (Reduced fixed price fee offer)

    * Conditions Apply

    • Requires the earlier database backup in an accessible format sent to us via FTP or email attachment. (Eg. Excel, MS SQL/MySQL Backup file)
    • Only the compatible objects and data of old database are ported to Emaximm system
Plus additional features.